Member Registration
Is there a fee for membership registration?
You can use it free of charge.
When purchasing items you will be charged a separate fee.
I forgot my password.
Please check whether you are logged out first.
You can log out from the "Logout" button on the "Settings" screen.
After that, when you go to the page that requires login, such as a mail address, it will become the login screen.
You can move from the login screen to the password reset screen.
I'd like to change my email address.
You can change from the "E-mail address" screen of the "Settings" screen.
Design · Collage
I am worried that I can design as I expected
Many design samples are prepared for each product.
Also, since the work made by other customers can be seen on the "design board", it can be used as a reference for your design.
How much material can I choose?
As an example, "Quintet original" includes 50 kinds of metal parts, 30 kinds of Swarovski beads, 40 types of Czech beads, and so on. Also, other brands handle natural stone and gold filled parts etc.
How are Quintet's jewelry made?
Each skilled craftsman makes one by hand after ordering.
Does the price change depending on the material used for the design?
Yes. Depending on the parts you choose, charges may be raised from basic charges.
For details, please see the total amount displayed after designing.
How much is the shipping cost?
Shipping fee is different depending on the shipping destination country and shipping.
For details, please refer to Shipping and Handling.
What kind of payment methods can I use?
・Credit card (VISA, Master Card, JCB, American Express, Diners Club) settlement
・Bank transfer(Not available for delivery outside of Japan)
・Cash on delivery(Not available for delivery outside of Japan)
For bank transfer, please transfer within one week from purchase.
I don’t receive the e-mail after order.
Please contact us from the “Contact Us” screen of "Settings" screen.
Please tell me the detailed size of each product.
Size information is described on each product screen, so please check there. For each part size, please see the parts information in the design screen.
Can I change the length of the bracelet chain etc?
We will make it only with the size shown in app.
However, if it is too big / too small if you look at the default size, please contact us from the “Contact Us” screen of "Setting" screen.
Can I change the registered address and the destination of the product?
Yes. You can change the address selected before purchasing.
What do you use for delivery service? Also, can I use the delivery tracking and redelivery?
Depending on the region. If you order from outside of Japan, it depends on the country you are delivering.
Because there are unique numbers for each delivered item, you can track baggage and re-order on each shipping company’s website.
We can’t specify the date and time of delivery.
How long will it take from ordering to being delivered?
We’ll make the product from ordering and settlement, so we’ll spend 1 week in principle to shipping.Those who order from outside Japan, it takes 1 week to 4 weeks from shipping.
For details, please check e-mail from Quintet after shipping or “Help”>”Shipping and Handling” in app.
Can I ship to outside of Japan?
We also deliver to overseas. You can check on "Help> Shipping and handling” or on the country selection on the address entry screen.
Return Policy
I want to return because it is different from what I was imagining.
 If the shop name is "Quintet original" product, in case of unopened / unused, it will be refunded in full if it was within 30 days from your order.
Please understand that the return fee to our company will be borne by you.
In the case of product of other shops, we can not accept returns / exchanges excluding cases of damaged goods or parts mistakes.
I want to change some materials because it is different from what I was imagining.
Parts cannot be changed after purchase. In the case of a shop that can be returned, please purchase again after returning.
The goods that arrived are damaged.
I’ll exchange it for a new one. Please contact us from “Contact Us”.