Tinkling Bracelet

Approximate price range:
When you raised your hand. When walking. Six bijoux shakes glitterly and shows various facial expressions for each gesture.
All six bijou can choose.

■ Size
Total length: about 18 cm (size adjustable according to the position of the mantel)
Hanging from the chain Biju part: about 2 cm ~ 4.5 cm
※ The size may differ slightly from the above. The overall sense of volume varies depending on the part you select.

■ Metal material of the part which touches the skin
Chain material: iron (gold color plating)
Mantel: zinc alloy (gold color plating)
Lead content 0.003% or less
※ The material used is subject to change without notice.
※ The plating color may have some individual differences in color even with the same parts.

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