Be yourself.
You can design jewelry easily as you like
and buy it.

サービス説明 簡単操作

You can design jewelry
with simple operation

サービス説明 購入

You can buy the product
you designed

サービス説明 配送 返品

Delivery in 1 week(in Japan)
Return within 30days

intuitive and easy to use

By choosing jewelry parts of your favorite colors and shapes, you can design your way through by connecting parts with simple operations.
We have try-on function using smartphone camera in order to understand the actual size and wearing image.


High quality jewelry parts

More than 2000 kinds of rich parts are available.
We offer parts using upgraded materials such as Swarovski and Czech beads, 14K gold filed and natural stone.



iPhone app


You can use "free design" function that connects parts to create, and a "pattern design" function that selects parts from a decided design.

Available in App Store For Free!



You can see over 70,000 designs posted,
and also search for designer name